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Piel Beauty and Health is a homegrown skincare and health brand that aims to make every woman feel beautiful inside and out by providing them gentle and effective products.

We are proudly Pinoy-made. We give utmost importance to quality, hiring the best and most qualified research and development team to ensure the award-winning effectiveness of our products while staying to be a safe and cruelty-free brand.

We constantly improve, innovate, and formulate  products to suit the needs of every woman; therefore, we love to listen to feedback. Post and tag us!


Our Story

Piel Beauty and Health was founded in Davao City by Coleen Dell Yumang. In 2014, while reselling beauty products for a booming brand on Instagram at that time, Coleen grew her passion for skincare. She spent months musing whether or not she would take the risk of building her beauty brand until a sign showed in favor of her love for skincare—a billboard of a local skincare manufacturer was her green light.

More than the profit, the bigger goal of creating the brand is to empower women. The key to doing that—help every woman build their self-confidence, starting with the confidence to raise their hands. In 2015, Piel Beauty and Health launched its first product set, the Underarm Whitening Set, as a result of positive feedback from Coleen's cousin, who first tried the products. Photos of before and after sparked curiosity and interest on social media. Since then, positive reviews have spread and multiplied.

On the other hand, 2016 was downtime for Piel Beauty and Health. Since Coleen was alone in running the business, she was not able to fully operate during her pregnancy to her first child Mavis. Consequently, there were almost zero sales throughout this slack period.

In 2017, a partnership between Coleen and Kaye Claudine Maceda, who was also into the reselling business, revived the brand.

The combined sales skills and experiences of the two brought about the development of a newer product for dark groin area problems, the Intimate Toner. It became an effective solution to the common problem among women; thus, creating the demand for the Intimate Whitening Set.

In one year, Piel Beauty and Health created additional product lines to help women resolve other skin insecurities. They added the Scar and Stretch Mark Remover and Flawless Face Sets and enhanced the Underarm Whitening Set to Premium Underarm Whitening Set. The efficacy of the products led to growth and global recognition. In 2018, the brand received an award as the most effective natural-based beauty brand by the Global Excellence Awards Committee and the Asia Pacific Awards Council, and the idea of expanding the brand into a beauty spa sprung.

In 2019, Piel Beauty Lounge materialized; however, in the same year, it was sold so the team can focus more on marketing and growing the Piel Beauty and Health.

In 2020, there was a rebranding as part of the bigger plan. Improvements were visible on the logo, product packaging, more importantly, on the effectiveness of the products in enhancing the confidence of women while maintaining to be cruelty-free and naturally-derived skincare brand.